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Is Magnetic Heat Therapy the Next Big Thing in Anti-Aging?

What is Magnetic Heat Therapy?

Believed to possess both anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties, magnets have been a substitute for medical pillar for treating pain since way back in the day - and also provides beauty benefits as well. The simple theory behind magnetic therapy is the power of the positively charged particles having the ability to manipulate the molecules in the body - without touching them. Magnetic therapy is essentially about balancing cellular activity and permitting the proper flow of nutrients to cells.

Ancient cultures such as China, Egypt, Europe and Persia all have utilized magnets in one or more forms to treat conditions and wounds. But it wasn’t until after WW II that the United States saw an increase in popularity of “magnetic therapy”. Russian doctors experimented with magnets and saw a reduction of pain on the amputee patients. Magnets makes a useful tool in helping with healing and compressing pain by expanding blood vessels in diameter which increases circulation, and the flow of oxygen in the blood stream.

We would like to introduce our latest product: POSH Eye Wrinkle Remover. This product eliminates wrinkles and dark circles with the help of with red and blue LED lights & heat therapy.

How it works:

There are two modes as massaging modes; red and blue lights. The red light is designed to restore and lighten the skin while the blue light reduces melanin and relaxes the skin. With the resourceful touch vibration, it activates the skin heating to 45C. Made in a lightweight and convenient design, it makes it portable for use on the go, and anywhere, at all time.


Magnetic Heat Therapy

  • Increases blood circulation

  • Supports in improving your eye care products

  • Help with improving tissue activity

  • Cell metabolism

  • Good for reducing inflammation, acne, rosacea, eczema,

Red LED light

  • Stiffens the elasticity of skin surrounding the eye

  • Diminishes dark circles

  • Advocates whitening effect

Blue LED light

  • Relaxes skin

  • Diminishes melanin

  • Protects against future uneven patches

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