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5 Skin Care Mistakes to Avoid During Winter- Keep Your Skin hydrated in Santa Fe

The cold winter season back to Santa Fe, and while the weather may be unsightly, your skin doesn’t have to be. Lathering on a heavy moisturizer won’t do the trick, or skipping sun protection. Let’s try again, here are five common mishaps to banish dry skin and keep your complexion looking its best during the driest season recommended by Urban Calm Santa Fe.

1. Neglecting Sunscreen

If you think not spending much time outdoors means it’s fine to skip sunscreen altogether, it’s not. UVA rays are behind the changes in the DNA of your skin creating premature lines, wrinkles and sagging. The strength of UVA rays stay consistent from summer to winter, and peek through the clouds, windows of your home, office and in the car while you’re driving. Moisturizer and sunscreen should be worn everyday of the year if you genuinely want to protect your skin from damaging rays. Did you know that UV light is the leading cause of premature aging, and for this exact reason, sunscreen is the best anti aging product for all skin types you’ll ever use. Make sure to use one that’s suitable for your skin type.

2. Not Adjusting Your Skin Care Routine Accordingly

Our bodies are changing as we speak and as the days go by, this also applies to our skin. A severe drop in the weather temperature can drastically change the condition of your skin. Be certain that you are adjusting your routine in accordance to your skin type. For example, switching from a foaming cleanser to a more mild, gentle cleanser will give your skin a boost of hydration. Serum is another great product to lather on beneath moisturizer to give your skin that extra hydration. Important key: listen to your skin. If you’re skin isn’t adjusting well, try switching it up.

3. Excessive Moisturizing Or Choosing the Wrong One

Think applying an extra layer of moisturizer to relieve flaky skin will do the trick? Think of your skin as a sponge, it can only absorb so much that the extra will just be wasted. For blemish-prone skin types, excess moisturizer may congest pores, and cause breakouts. The best solution is to use the best type of moisturizer that effectively hydrates your skin.

4. Not Sealing Moisture Quick Enough

Upon exiting the shower, are you aware of the 60 second rule immediately after? You have less than a minute to seal in hydration while skin is damp to avoid skin dehydration. The air is so dry during the winter season, it retains all the water it can get quick. After cleansing, your skin acts like a magnet, attracting as much water from the deep layers of the skin and evaporate into the dry air. If you ever feel your skin tightening, it means your skin has absorbed all the moisture and is dry. While your skin is damp still, quickly apply moisturizer or an alcohol free toner and serum prior so you’re skin retains moisture.

5. Licking your Lips Instead of Applying Lip Balm

The cold winter air affects your body, face and lips too! Lips too can suffer from dehydration causing them to dry, crack, and flaky. Licking your lips provides only temporary relief, but little did you know it causes more harm than good. While the lips are moisturized from saliva, they will attract and evaporate into the dry air that causes it to break down the skin resulting in cracks where saliva is trapped. The best solution to healing cracked lip is to apply a well-formulated conditioning lip balm throughout the day.

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