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Summer to Fall Skin Care Regimen

Beach and pool season has come to an end, but on the bright side, the humidity is going away! Nothing baffles us more than taking our time applying makeup in the morning only to have it melt off by the time you arrive to work.

Going into the fall season, your serums, BB creams, and heavy moisturizers are safe to wear from the heat during the summer. Before you begin integrating your beloved sweaters and boots into your fall wardrobe, it is time to shield your complexion from the low temperatures. As the seasons change, a change in your skin care regimen is a must!

Do you ever wonder why your skin changes during the fall season?

It is important to change your regimen as the seasons change because your skin is always exposed to the environment. That means your skin is more susceptible to changes in the environment than other organs in your body.

A very humid climate will soften the skin and make it a breeze to retain the fullness. But in a dry, cold climate, skin will dehydrate making wrinkles and fine lines more visible.

The summer climate is just as bad, more than often we tend to get too much sun exposure that makes us prone to aging.

Fall brings on a chillier climate with more frequent winds with temperatures roller coasting from high to low,and back up high.

Tips for the Best Skin During Fall By Urban Calm Santa Fe

Change the following:

1. Cleanser

Changing your cleanser is the step that can make a big difference for your skin. The increased amount of sweat and activity you are doing requires using a stronger clarifying cleanser. Fall and winter asks for a more mellow cleanser. If the summer cleanser is too harsh on your skin, switch to a more hydrating one.

2. Toner

The same rules apply to your toner - reach for something more balancing. Be sure to avoid toners that are alcohol based, the alcohol is very drying to the skin.

3. Moisturizer

During the summer we opt for a lightweight moisturizer so it won't clog pores. During the fall we’re undergoing the process of a transition from warmer days to windy colder days. Less water and blasting the heater takes away that hydration in our skin leaving behind dry, and flakey skin that accentuates fine lines and wrinkles.


4. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is always recommended despite the current season. It is one of the best ways to curtail the appearance of dark spots and keep your skin tone polished.

We have begun to enter into the time of year where our skin produces less oils and becomes more irritable by the environment - rain, wind, and the fluctuating temperature will dull out your skin. Pay attention to when your skin needs reviving.

Don’t forget about your lips - they get dry too. Try to use a scrub designed for lips, if not you can just use brown sugar and olive oil. Rinse after 2-3 minutes and follow up with lip balm for plump, soft lips.

5. Diminish the appearance of pores

Due to increased sweating, pores often enlarge. Unfortunately for us that means we will be seeing more pores in the fall.

Try purifying mud mask to absorb excess oils twice a week until you notice a difference. Don’t forget to exfoliate prior to masking!

6. Moisturizing Masks

Transitioning from summer to fall and winter bring on a more cool, and drier air that your skin will be breathing. Changing your moisturizer alone may not be sufficient enough to keep your skin balanced.

Incorporate a moisture rich masks with your weekly skin care regime. If you can to go the au naturale route, make your own using ingredients from your kitchen. Avocados, bananas, oatmeal, yogurt, honey and work great an at home mask.

7. Hydrate your skin!

Drinking water falls under the hydration category, especially during the dry weather. Although it's no longer warm, don’t forget to drink glass after glass to continuously replenish our bodies. We still are in need of that extra boost, and serums do just that!

They are great for plumping up your skin before you moisturize and also have benefits like brightening, hydrate, and toning the aging skin.


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